Our People

  • people derek 2

    Derek Riedle

    CEO & Publisher
  • people terri

    Terri MacDonald Riedle

    Co-Founder & President
  • people cory

    Cory Jones

    Chief Content Officer
  • people Mark Goldhar

    Mark Goldhar

    Chief Financial Officer
  • 860x civilized cynthia 002 4000x

    Cynthia Goodwin

    Chief of Staff
  • 860x civilized damon 004 4000x

    Damon Goodwin

    Vice President, Revenue & Partnerships
  • people katie2

    Katie Labrie

    EVP, Civilized Studios
  • people matth

    Matt Heien

    Director of Events & Promotions
  • 860x civilized pamela 001 4000x

    Pamela McKay

    Senior Director, Communications
  • people Brad

    Brad Schlachter

    Director, Audience Acquisition
  • people shannon

    Shannon Hunter

    Executive Director, World Cannabis Congress
  • people aaron craig

    Aaron Craig

    Director, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships
  • people Brian Berkowitz

    Brian Berkowitz

    Head of Video
  • people haley

    Haley Evans

    Brand Manager
  • 860x civilized kathleen 003 4000x

    Kathleen Potter

    Manager, Finance and Administration
  • people brett

    Brett Whitaker

    Technical Lead
  • people Eli Cohl

    Eli Cohl

    Brand Ambassador
  • people Eric Rosen

    Eric Rosen

    Key Account Manager
  • people james

    James McClure

  • people matt shirley

    Matt Shirley

  • people neil

    Neil Bonner

    Community Manager
  • people Alex Field

    Alex Field

    Video Producer
  • people Eddie DaRoza

    Eddie DaRoza

  • people Morgan Roger

    Morgan Roger

    Editorial Consultant
  • people Bekah Glass

    Bekah Glass

    Social Media Specialist
  • people Zack Hemenway

    Zack Hemenway

    Office Manager
  • 860x civilized becky 002 4000x

    Becky Curnew

    Marketing Assistant
  • 860x civilized lee anne 001 4000x

    Lee-Anna Ulrich

    Executive Assistant

Board of Directors