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North American Cannabis Consumers Are Not Who You Think

Los Angeles, CA (April 17, 2017) – With 420 a hot topic this week, premium digital media and lifestyle brand Civilized and PSB have released the findings from their annual cannabis culture poll – uncovering fascinating findings and debunking outdated stereotypes about cannabis consumers and lifestyle.

Civilized, in partnership with PSB of Washington, D.C., conducted online interviews with 1,600 North American adults to explore views on cannabis and cannabis usage, and to determine general habits and behaviors of both users and non-users.

Key findings include that a majority of users in both the U.S. and Canada have been users for at least five years, but nearly one in three U.S. users, and more than one in three Canadian users, has been a cannabis consumer for five years or less. In the U.S., the political breakdown of users – 38% Democratic, 28% GOP, and 28% Independent, is nearly identical to the political profile of non-users (36%, 29%, 27%).

U.S. users are slightly more educated (higher % of bachelor’s + master’s degrees) than non-users. 36% of U.S. users have a bachelor’s degree or higher (compared to 30% of US non-users).  Cannabis consumers tend to have more robust social lives. Consumers are more likely to have gone to a music festival, movie theatre, museum, pub, bar or club in the last month (38% U.S., 52% Canada) than non-users (22% U.S., 30% Canada).    

Support for the legalization of cannabis is high. One in five Americans (22%) and Canadians (18%) use cannabis, but four in five Americans (79%) and Canadians (81%) support legalizing it in some form. More than two in five Americans and Canadians (45% and 44%, respectively) say they would approve of legalizing of both medical and recreational use.  

Derek Riedle, the publisher of Civilized says, "While these research findings differ largely from public perception of cannabis users, they validate what our brand has sought to do – to defy the conventional wisdom and clichés surrounding cannabis use.”

There are a few differences to note between Canada and the U.S. For example, gender balance is different among users: in the U.S., users are more likely to be male (59%), while in Canada users tend to look more like the overall population by gender. Canadian consumers are more inclined to smoke a joint (68%) than are Americans (52%), while Americans tend to enjoy a pipe (45% vs 32%). Canadians also report a higher percentage of activities while they are consuming, from doing housework (36% vs 29%) to hanging out with friends (56% vs 43%) to creative activities (36% to 27%).

Jason Boxt, Executive Vice-President of PSB, says, “This research demonstrates a significant difference between perception and reality – it’s fascinating. As cannabis policy continues to change, it will be interesting to track how attitudes continue to evolve." 

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