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Media Release.

Civilized Produces 101 Videos For Cannabis Consumers

Series of videos support responsible cannabis use

Los Angeles, CA and Saint John, N.B. (April 27, 2018) – As legalization of adult-use recreational cannabis becomes a reality in more places around the world, Civilized Worldwide Inc. (Civilized) has produced a series of entertaining and informational videos entitled “Cannabis for Beginners” to inform the public about responsible cannabis consumption. Ten videos are available on Civilized’s YouTube channel now, with another 10 to be released on May 3, 2018. Civilized undertook the production of the videos as part of its commitment to social responsibility.

The videos feature Civilized CEO and Publisher Derek Riedle answering the questions he’s most often asked. The content, along with artful animation, explores topics like: where cannabis is legal, where to buy it, ways to consume it, and how to consume cannabis safely. Titles of the videos include “What are the different names for cannabis?”, “How much cannabis should I use?” and “How long will I be high?” Subjects that will be explained in the next 10 videos include “What is Sativa?”, “What is Indica?” and “What is THC?”

“The videos broach subjects related to cannabis use in a friendly, casual way to help consumers make informed choices,” says Derek Riedle, CEO and Publisher of Civilized. “We wanted to ensure that people have access to quick, comprehensive information about cannabis. The number of people experimenting will continue to increase as laws change and stigmas fall to the wayside. Our message is start low, go slow; know your body; and plan accordingly.”

The company supports responsible cannabis use, similar to responsible alcohol consumption. It maintains that cannabis should only be consumed by adults, within the regulations of their jurisdiction; it should be consumed at levels that are not excessive or harmful to the individuals consuming, or others in their immediate environment; consumers should not drive under the influence; and cannabis should be avoided if someone is pregnant or planning pregnancy. Any nutritional or lifestyle choices should be made in consultation with a medical professional.

The web-based videos are posted on the Civilized YouTube channel, found here:

Media Contact:
Pamela McKay, Senior Director of Communications

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