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Finally: No More Missing The Smell Of Sex While Enjoying VR Porn

Finally: No More Missing The Smell Of Sex While Enjoying VR Porn

I think we can all agree that virtual reality porn has been missing one thing and one thing only: the smells of the bedroom (you were thinking that too, right?) 

Well, thanks to the biggest brains in VR technology, you can now enjoy a series of sensual scents while indulging in virtual sexy times.

The device – known as the OhRoma and resembling a gas mask – fits onto your existing VR headset and includes three slots for scent cartridges. After you plug in one of the 30 available scents – which include “private parts”, “panties”, “breath” and “body odor” (yes actually) – the cartridges heat up to release the aromas when the mask is turned on.

The OhRoma app uses Bluetooth to link with the mask, so that you can control which aromas are released and at what intensity.

The result for users, according to a statement from developer CamSoda, is: “an immersive experience unlike anything before, bringing them closer to the action.”

If you want to get close to the action but don’t want to be too distracted by the intoxicating smells of mouth or pore excretions, you can supposedly also choose scents reminiscent of chocolate or flowers.

The device costs $70, with scent cartridges running at about $10 each. You can pre-order one – if you dare – here.

h/t Mashable.

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