Check Out Ziggy Marley's Family Recipe For Jamaican Jerk Chicken

If you're looking to fuel an all-nighter, check out Ziggy Marley's family recipe for jerk chicken. The reggae singer and cannabis advocate submitted his take on the traditional Caribbean dish to the February/March issue of AARP magazine.

"After Friday-night dances when I was a teenager in Jamaica, jerk chicken kept the party going late into the evening," Marley told AARP. "My jerk chicken recipe is just the way we do it. Everyone does it differently. And every time you make it, it's unique. I like it spicy. But you can lay the rub on thick or use just a bit of it. It's a joyful, celebratory dish."

Marley added that cooking his part of his philosophy on life and wellness. "Food is medicine for us," he said. "I try not to eat with my eyes. If you eat with your eyes, you might eat too much, or you might eat a lot of processed foods that will make you lose mental clarity. You've got to eat with your brain. When you eat with your brain, you know exactly where your food comes from and how it will make your body feel."

Click the image below for the recipe. And for more on the cook's outlook on life, check out our Civilized Conversation with Ziggy Marley.


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