Would You Eat 'Yummy Sand'? A Mexican Company Is Counting On It

They say you shouldn’t play with your food.

Delicrea, a Mexican confectionary company partnered with PepsiCo, is trying to change that narrative (because apparently it needs changing?)

The company – known for its Candy Bricks, Candy Clay and a lollipop maker – is aiming to bring a product best described as “edible sand” to the U.S.

‘Yummy Sand’, which comes in 80-gram bags, debuted at last month’s Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago. The idea behind the unconventional treat is that you can actually play with it before you eat it. You’re encouraged to build sand castles with the stuff before popping it into your mouth and feeling it turn into tasty bubble gum as you chew it.

The product will be released in Mexico in September, but the company is hoping to reach a bigger audience in America.

“It’s just sugar with a gum base,” Isabel Zavala of Delicrea told Confectionery News.

“We are trying to awake the social skills and creativity of kids and encourage them to share with others.”

If Yummy Sand is released in the U.S., it will come with a shovel and two sand castle molds for $3 a pack.

Bon appétit?

h/t Food and Wine


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