Your Vape Pen Can Give You an Orgasm Now

People have been combining cannabis and sex for a very long time and now adult entertainment webcam platform CamSoda is hoping to bring weed's sex-enhancing powers in to the digital era.

Have you ever thought to yourself, 'I wish using may vaporizer could get me high and give me an orgasm at the same time?' It doesn't actually matter if you have, because your vaporizer can now both get you high and get you off. Which, depending on who you ask, is either bizarre or amazing.

Earlier this week CamSoda—a website best know for livestreaming pornographic content—launched a new little piece of tech they're calling Vapegasm. Essentially, it's a smartphone app that syncs your vape pen to any of Lovense's sex toys. 

"The longer a user pulls on their vape pen, the higher they get and the more the connected live sex toy will vibrate," reads a press release about the new product. "The shorter the pull, the shorter the connected live sex toy vibrates. Users can fluctuate between long and short pulls on their vape pen to provide the ultimate sexual experience."

Vapegasm will work with any vape pens that have Bluetooth connectivity, such as popular models made by Pax or DaVinci, and CamSoda will also be selling their own connected vapes as well.

"Considering how much euphoria [vaping] provides people with, it only makes sense that we couple it with sexual stimulation to deliver an experience unlike anything before. Now, with Vapegasm, people can get off while getting high," CamSoda VP Daryn Parker.

So if you're already one of the many people who love combining sex with cannabis this might just be the thing that takes things to the next level for you. And if you've already got a Bluetooth vape pen and a connected sex toy you're pretty much obligated to try this out at least once.


At the third annual Hall of Flowers (HOF), a business-to-business cannabis industry trade show, concentrate company Pluto soft-launched its first (and limited) edition vaporizer, the Hani Stone, in collaboration with the design and tech driven hardware company, Hanu Labs. Pluto emerges from the same minds who launched the mental health and wellness-oriented CBD brand Hilani. But Pluto aspires to move beyond the terrestrial realm of wellness, and transport consumers to a world unhindered by time constraints and abounding in a diversity of characters peacefully coexisting.

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