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Your Grandparents May Be Having Better Sex Than You, Says This New Study

Contrary to the popular belief that knocking boots is a young person’s game, a new study suggests Baby Boomers are banging it out better than anyone. 

CNN recently surveyed people between the ages of 20 and 93 about their sexual activity and found that while elderly people were indeed having less sex than their younger counterparts, the sex they were having was generally more satisfying and enjoyable. 

In the survey that involved asking 6,000 participants to rate the sexual aspects of their lives, researchers discovered that those aged 60 and up were more concerned with the quality of their sexual encounters than the quantity (a factor that took precedence among young adults.)

What the researchers concluded was that changing priorities during the aging process (paired with increased sexual knowledge as well as ailing health) led to older people placing less importance on how often they had sex and more importance on the thought and effort invested in intercourse. This caused them to report more satisfying and meaningful sexual experiences than young adults.

“Since wisdom is ‘the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgment,’ our study suggests that life experience is fostering sexual wisdom,” wrote researchers Miri Forbes, Nicholas Eaton and Robert Krueger.

All this to say that while you may not be keen on thinking about Grandma and Grandpa getting hot-and-heavy, you could probably learn a thing or two. We all could. 

h/t International Business Times.


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