Your First Time Smoking Weed Checklist

Smoking cannabis (or “weed” as the kids call it) for the first time can be an anxiety-inducing experience, mainly because there is no way to know how inhaling vapors from the herb will affect you. To further complicate matters, factors like the strain of weed you picked up, your mental state, and the location can all affect how your first time smoking weed will go.

However, there's no need to worry; the things you need to smoke weed are few and fairly easy to obtain. To help calm any worries and make sure your first time smoking cannabis goes smoothly, we've compiled a short checklist of everything you need for your first toke.

1. A Safe Place

You should smoke weed for the first time in the privacy of your or a friend's home so you feel comfortable.

2. Your Cannabis

We recommend starting with a cannabis strain that's low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) so you don't experience overwhelming effects your first time smoking.

3. Smoking Device

You'll need something (sometimes called a “piece”) like a pipe or bong, a vaporizer, or papers to roll a joint to smoke your cannabis.

4. Lighter/Matches

You need a way to ignite your cannabis; remember you're playing with fire, keep it safe.

5. Grinder and/or Other Tools

Some people like to grind their weed before smoking it to remove stems and seeds, which you don't want to smoke. Other tools you might want on-hand include bowl screens, pipe cleaners, and snuffers.

6. Ashtray

A helpful item for keeping ash from spreading all over the place.

7. Drinks & snacks

You will (probably) get both “cotton mouth” and “the munchies” so stock up on some of your favorite foods to snack on and non-alcoholic drinks to stay hydrated.

8. Entertainment

Have plenty of things handy to occupy the time after your first cannabis smoke session.

9. Eye Drops & Breath Mints

If you're worried about any need to mask physical signs of your marijuana use, keep these items handy.

10. Odor Neutralizers

Air sanitizers (like ozium spray) and fresheners, scented candles, or incense will help the diminish the smell of cannabis.


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