Young Dave Mustaine Bought His Very First Album With A Bag Of...Something

Parents often blame underage drug use on that damn rock music, but for young Dave Mustaine, hard rock actually sobered him up...for a day at least. That's because Mustaine bought his very first album by bartering with a bag of...something.

"I traded drugs for it," the Megadeth frontman recently told Rolling Stone. "I won't tell you exactly what it was I traded. But I did get an AC/DC 'Let There Be Rock' record for it. What I got came in shrink wrap, and what they got came in a Ziploc."

And that's all he'd say on the subject. But he did open up more about his first job and how a Lynyrd Skynyrd riff turned into Metallica's 'Four Horsemen.' Find out more in the clip below.


Every parent talks to their kids differently when it comes to the conversation around cannabis. While some parents will explicitly tell their kids to wait until they're old enough to consume (if ever, at all), others leave the conversation open, assuming their children will learn about weed elsewhere. But the bottom line is that, especially in a legal atmosphere, no matter what the approach, your kids are bound to learn about cannabis one way or another.

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