You'll Soon Be Hearing Seth Rogen's Voice On Toronto Public Transit

The Canadian comedian best known for raunchy, weed-infused movies will soon be the voice of Toronto transit. 

Rogen was recently tapped by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) to voice some of the PSAs to be played in Toronto's subway stations, reports CTV News. The announcements largely revolve around rider etiquette, and focus on topics like not being the person screaming down their cell phone and encouraging people to "stop clipping your fingernails on the TTC."

The messages themselves seem a little tempered from the man who brought us absurdly off-color flicks such as 'Sausage Party.' Still, Rogen himself has tweeted his own excitement about the project.

"I don't mean to judge, but I will. I judge you, you are being rude," Rogen shouts at people blocking transit doors during one of the campaign's funnier moments.

This isn't the first time Rogen has been chose to voice a project of this kind either. He recorded similar messages for Vancover's TransLink last week as well.

Seth Rogen – A Guest Voice on Transit

Morgan Freeman had initially been slated to record the messaging for TransLink. But after accusations of sexual misconduct began to crop up around the 'Shawshank Redemption' actor, TransLink turned to Vancouver native Seth Rogen as his replacement.

You can check out Rogen's recordings for the TTC on their website, and prepare to be hearing a lot more from him if you're an avid transit user in either city.

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