You'll Never Believe What Perks Are Provided At Some Of The Country's Best Companies

These ain’t your grandpas’ perks.

Job site Glassdoor has released its list of the 20 companies that provide the best perks to their employees, including everything from free counselling and fitness stipends to office spas and juicy burgers.

Fair warning: the list may leave you feeling more than a little despondent about your two weeks vacation or that Christmastime turkey from on high.

Some of the most glowing examples from this year’s list include IKEA, which offers its employees (both full time and part time!) four months of paid paternal leave.

At Reebok, employees are encouraged to stay in shape with an on-site gym that includes workout classes led by Crossfit pros.

Facebook is another company invested in a healthy workforce, offering healthcare coverage even to its interns. If you’re worried about your little furry friend, too, apply for a job at Scripps Health, which covers the healthcare needs of employees’ pets.

At Southwest Airlines, employees are entitled to free confidential counselling, designed to provide staffers with advice about life, work or even legal issues.

If cosmetics are more your thing, check out Genentech, which allows employees to take advantage of on-site amenities like haircuts, spas, dentists, car washes and even childcare.

Check out the full list (and resist the urge to send an angry email to your boss) here.


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