If you've always wanted to become a Jedi, we've got some good news and some bad news for ya. Yes, it is possible to become a real-life Luke Skywalker by wielding Force-like powers from the 'Star Wars' saga. But it would take some serious body modification and genetic manipulation first.

For example, to get the kind of Jedi reflexes needed to deflect laser blasts, you'd need to tweak your mind's perception of time.

In order to move faster, we need to see time slower — just like animals that have quicker reflexes than us. A minute to humans is like a month to a fly because it receives much more information about its environment than we do over the same amount of time. That's because flies can react to their surroundings faster. Basically, there's no point in perceiving all those extra details if our bodies can't react to them, so our brains don't take in nearly as much information as other creatures do.

That means in order to get hyper-reflexes, we'd have to speed up our reaction time by hacking our bodies as well as our brains.

And if you'd rather shoot lighting from your fingertips like a Sith lord, there's a way to do that with genetic manipulation. 

Like most lifeforms, the human body generates electricity. But unlike some creatures, we haven't harnessed the ability to manipulate that energy. Electric eels are way further ahead of us on that one, but we could potentially cheat evolution by stealing some of their DNA and manipulating our own so that we too could also emit electric shocks at will.

But if messing around with genetics isn't for you, there's still a chance to live out your Jedi dreams by getting your very own lightsaber.

Some scientists think we have the technology to build those mesmerizing laser swords out of ceramic rods, nanobatteries and plasma. To find out how, check out the clip below, which also reveals the secret to developing telekinesis and using Jedi mind tricks.