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A Peek Inside The DogHouse, The Craft Beer Hotel Coming To Columbus, Ohio

Let’s face it: one of your main goals on vacation is getting all kinds of drunk.

A new hotel coming to Columbus, Ohio will simply streamline that process.

Scottish brewery BrewDog - recently in the news for offering its employees paid time off when they get a new puppy - has launched an Indiegogo campaign for what they’re calling the “world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel.”

The 50-room hotel, coined The DogHouse, will open its doors right next to BrewDog’s upcoming brewery in Columbus.

The hotel's many bizarre and beautiful beer-themed amenities will include:

  • A tap in every room offering Punk IPA, the brand’s crown jewel of brews;
  • A beer-stocked mini-bar in every shower;
  • Access to limited-edition brews from the neighboring brewery;
  • A spa that utilizes beer in its products and treatments, like hop oils and a malted barley massage;
  • Craft-beer pairings during breakfast, lunch, and dinner;
  • A hot tub filled with IPA in the luxury suite (yes, really.)

“The original IPAs were brewed with hops to preserve the drink as it traveled, so it’s pretty safe to assume the same preservative qualities would apply to the skin,” said James Watt, co-founder and CEO of BrewDog.

“Malt and hops also smell awesome, so why wouldn’t you want to douse yourself in them?”

The goal for the Indiegogo campaign is $75,000, and those who donate as little as $25 in the next 30 days will get a VIP tour and a tasting of the brewery for two.

Those who donate $150 get a free night in the hotel and breakfast (a value of about $250), while $2,000 will get you a night in the luxury suite – among other perks.

It’s the hope that the hotel will be open for business by September 2018, and you’re guaranteed a reservation if you pledge $150.

Watt said it best: “Forget Disneyland, this is the new happiest place on earth.”

h/t Travel and Leisure


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