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You Can Play A Whole Round With This Putter, But It's Best Feature Is The One-Hitter

For all the strides marijuana has made toward normalcy, the game of golf isn’t exactly known for its 420-friendliness.

That isn’t stopping actors from doing it. Ditto former pro athletes. Even Walmart is in on the act. But outside of the occasional pot-themed tournament, the vast majority of cannabis-inclined golfers have no option other than to sneak their tokes on the sly.

Those days of passing furtive joints and huddling awkwardly around a bowl can be a thing of the past thanks to a smoking implement that goes on the course with you—with golf narcs none the wiser.

For more than 20 years, David Musty has been outfitting some of his patented wooden putters with a hidden one-hitter. In those models, the toe of the putter swivels open to reveal a wire-mesh bowl. A series of fittings run from the toe through the club shaft, ending at the butt of the putter grip, from whence its user smokes.

Musty, 63, vows that the smoking versions of his putters perform every bit as well as his traditional models, which possess a buttery-soft feel thanks to their wooden build. And each club is milled so that it carries a high center of gravity, imparting a true roll on the ball rather than a putt-skewing skid or hop.

But enough about how well it hits. How well does it … hit?

“It’s 35 inches of pure fun,” Musty says. “Those 15 pieces of plumbing, they keep things sealed all the way through the club. One hit and we’re peace-piping, man.”

Let’s be honest: carrying one of these beauts in your bag is a bit of a novelty. But Musty will tell you they were borne out of necessity.

When elbow surgery quashed his pro-baseball dreams, Musty went into the construction industry, specializing in custom-built staircases—with golf as his turn-to hobby.

“We were always out there trying to keep our pot in our little pipes on the golf course and the wind and everything,” he says.

After his grandfather suffered a stroke and started leaving his hand-carved pipe all over the course every time they played, Musty came up with his way to make sure he’d never go in search again. His employees took one look at the result and started pleading for putters of their own.

That’s how things stayed for years; sales among friends and friends-of-friends. Then came the VH-1 annual charity tournament, Fairway to Heaven, where divot-hacking celebs teamed up with tour pros for a few hours of televised hijinks. Suffice it to say that his putters … sparked an interest.

“It was fabulous. All of a sudden, a wave of referrals from that industry were coming in,” he says. “It turned out that everybody smokes weed.”

Over twenty years and countless tweaks, Musty has churned out thousands of The Smoker from his shop near Long Beach, CA. The putters are now available in six models—and six types of wood—that sell for $300 to $500. Orders for The Smoker must be made through their 1-800 number.

So even if your round is out going of whack, you can be sure to enjoy the greenery to the utmost.

“When you’re playing golf, you want to relax. When you start squeezing the golf club and getting tense, nothing good happens,” he said. “It’s a game of opposites: you swing down to make the ball go up you swing easy to make it go far, and when you don’t give a shit, you score.”


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