You Can Own This Charred Luxury Hovel In Vancouver For Just $3.9 Million

Anybody out there in the market for a burnt down luxury hovel?

Well, you’re in luck because a new online listing for an abandoned pile of building in Vancouver went up this week with the incredible asking price of $3.9 Million CAD ($2,994,888 USD).

While the price is pretty steep, the property’s real estate agent Hunt Tse told CTV News that it might ultimately end up going for only "a little bit less" due to the current state of the Vancouver housing market.

According to the listing, the property boasts such impressive amenities as 0 bedrooms and 0 bathrooms. As for its square footage, the listing simply reads ‘N/A.’ The ad also comes with the following description of the home, which appears to be a herculean effort on behalf of Tse to make it not sound like a total crap heap.

"Very rare development opportunity to custom build your dream home in the Kitsilano area!"

There's putting lipstick on a pig, and then there's trying to doll up a package of rotting bacon. But if Tse's pitch is enticing to you, the ad is still up, ready for you to make an offer. Good luck, I guess.


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