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This Colorado Startup Wants To Help You Choose Your Mood - Without Side Effects

The way Charles Jones sees it, when cannabis consumers choose a strain, what they’re really choosing is a mood. 

He’s simply fine-tuning that process – and supposedly offering a lack of negative side effects to boot. 

Jones is the founder of LucidMood, a start-up in Boulder, Colorado that specializes in cannabis products featuring a range of “mood-enhancing terpenes” and, perhaps most intriguingly, zero “strong negative side effects.”

The company’s flagship products are “sippers”, which are disposable vape pens filled with 1:1 ratios of CBD and THC. Each sipper features specific terpenes and aromatherapy-based natural ingredients to promote feelings of ‘Energy’, ‘Bliss’, ‘Relax’ or ‘Focus’ in the consumer.

No matter the sensation you’re seeking, Jones claims the pens “eliminate most, if not all, negative side effects”, from lethargy and memory loss to social awkwardness and paranoia. 

“It really began as a self-centered idea,” said Jones, a cognitive behavioral scientist who studied at the University of Michigan.

Jones said he enjoyed cannabis in his youth, but quit in college because the demands of his program meant he couldn’t take the “productivity hit” he experienced the day after smoking.

Years later, spurred by the memory of those good cannabis vibes of his youth, he took to researching ways to scrap these kinds of undesirable cannabis side effects.

“The more research I did, the more fascinated I became with how the different cannabinoids and terpenes interact to produce the enormous variety of effects people experience through cannabis,” he said.

“After all this information percolated inside me for a while, I came up with this idea that if we were to mix the following proportions, we could a) eliminate negative side effects and b) dial in very specific moods.

“The 1:1 [CBD and THC] ratio is part of the secret sauce. There are other things you need to do if you really want to eliminate all the side effects… some other trace cannabinoids and particular terpene blends to produce what we have called the ‘base high’, and then we use terpene blends to modulate the moods.”

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The company, whose team includes neuroscientists, engineers and lawyers, has hosted a series of “testing parties” where Jones said participants were “stunned at the fact that [they could] get high but not stoned.”

“The high was light, bright and really pleasant,” said Jones, adding that the company ran 600 people through the events he called “everything from an observational study worthy of a scientific journal to basically a party.”

“We released the product on Thanksgiving and within a week, every dispensary who had taken their first order re-ordered… they’re having trouble keeping it on the shelves.”

While LucidMood products are only available in Colorado right now – at about $30 per 200-milligram pop – Jones said the company will be expanding to dispensaries in several states in coming months.

“We expect to sign a new state every month for the next six months.”


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