Geraldo Rivera and Bill Maher got into a verbal scrap last night on 'Real Time' as the Fox News personality adamantly defended his network and President Trump while Maher compared Geraldo's defence of Trump to people who still stick up for O.J. Simpson.

"I think that your characterization of Fox is a stereotype," Geraldo told Maher at the outset of the debate. "I'm pro-choice, I'm pro-immigration reform, I'm pro-gun-control reform, and I'm on Fox News. Because Sean Hannity is such a big personality, it's easy to say that he represents the sum total of Fox, but I think that there are more voices. It's not state-run TV."

Geraldo also laid into Maher for his unrelenting criticisms of President Trump.

"When you portray the president as the enemy of the American people, I think that that is very dangerous," Rivera said at one point.

And the interview almost got physical when Maher kept comparing Rivera to a certain disgraced athlete. 

"You call me O.J. one more time, and I'm gonna bop you," Geraldo said while cocking his fist.

Check out the full interview below.