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Learn & Burn: 3 Classes To Further Your Higher Education

Broadening your cannabis horizons is on trend these days. Whether you're a foodie/couch potato or a fitness-fanatic wellness guru, there's probably a 420-friendly leisure class out there developed specifically with you in mind. Here are three classes - both light, and more serious - to heighten your awareness of the plant.

1. Cooking

Blazed and Glazed: Washington DC

Presented by Mess Hall, a Northeast DC culinary incubator supporting local food entrepreneurs, Blazed and Glazed educational sessions include "How to Make Cannabutter," "The Art of THC Tinctures," and how to make high-end munchies. Fun Fact: since state law prohibits the possession of more than two ounces of herb at a time, attendees used oregano to get the hang of the techniques.

For the $42 ticket, attendees also get complimentary beer and a special sandwich made out of savory rosemary doughnut with pimento chicken salad and Gordy's pickled jalapeños from Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken - plus more eats from PornBurger, Tarver King, executive chef at Restaurant at Patowmack Farm, Sloppy Mama's Barbeque, The Fry Brothers and Westray's Finest Ice Cream were also all on hand providing next-level munchies. Intrigued? Sorry to tell you this, but you'll have to wait until next year's event: the highly-successful Blazed and Glazed happened on May 15 at DC's Mess Hall.

2. Art

Puff, Pass, Paint: Seattle, Denver, Portland

Ever go to one of those "canvas and cocktails" events? This is basically the same idea - only with marijuana. Denver artist Heidi Keyes leads this casual, creative two-hour smoking session in which you have the choice of either following step-by-step instructions to create a mind-altered masterpiece, or get inspired and going with your own flow - it's up to each participant. All supplies (paints, brushes, canvas) are included. Cannabis isn't, though, so bring your own, and some vino or beer, too, if you're into that. "Come prepared to smoke, paint, chat, indulge, and probably laugh harder than you ever have before," advises their site." $49 admission, offered regularly by Colorado Cannabis Tours.

3. Yoga

Ganja Yoga: various locations

Yoga instructor Dee Dussault is a sex educator, relationship coach, certified hatha yoga instructor, and tantra practitioner who also offers Skype consultations and classes for students around the world. The ganja yoga lasses are more "a sweet space to hang out with community, get enhanced/medicated, and then journey into relaxation and peace, which is our natural state." To the "puritanical" yoga practitioners who claim that the path to nirvana shouldn't depend on external aid, Dee says: "In ancient India, many yogis would smoke hash or drink ganja-milkshakes to enhance their spiritual experiences, and note the origins of most spiritual traditions had their basis in the holy plant." Preregister for the public classes, which run $25, on Dussault's site.


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