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Xzibit Gets Himself In Hot Water Over Contaminated Cannabis

A Los Angeles man is suing hip hop star Xzibit for promoting contaminated cannabis products. He claims that Xzibit's Brass Knuckles line of THC concentrates contained excessively high levels of pesticides which made him ill after extended use.

Ignacio Lee says he began using both the "Candy Apple" and "Sour Diesel" variants of Xzibit's line of concentrates in July of 2016, largely because Lee saw the rapper heavily promoting the products via his Instagram account. But, Lee claims the Brass Knuckles concentrates he had been using began to make him ill after several months of use.

"In approximately January 2017, Mr. Lee began experiencing symptoms of fatigue, headaches and nausea but dismissed his symptoms as general fatigue," the lawsuit states.

Lee's condition worsened until he stopped using Xzibit's products some time later.

"Mr. Lee's symptoms progressed to chest pain, shortness of breath, wheezing at night and difficulty breathing. Mr. Lee stopped use of the products altogether in approximately August 2017 and his symptoms abated."

In September of 2017, after Lee had stopped using Brass Knuckles concentrates he decided to have their products independently tested by Steep Hills Labs. The test returned "detectable amounts of pesticides including Bifenazate, Etoxazole, Myclobutanil and Trifloxystrobin."

The lawsuit also claims that the potency level was not as high as promised. Lawsuits like these continue to illuminate issue the legal cannabis industry is having around testing fraud. These are of course serious issues that must be addressed to prevent people like Lee from being subjected to unsafe products.


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