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Wu-Tang Clan Now Has Their Own District in NYC

Over the years, the Wu-Tang Clan has become one of the most successful rap acts in America and one of the most prominent groups of cannabis consumers in hip-hop culture. Now they're also a district in New York City.

On Saturday, New York City officials revealed the brand new Wu-Tang Clan District in the Staten Island borough, where the rap collective originated. Debi Rose, the New York City Councilor representing Staten Island, said the city was celebrating the group's "inspiration to the world" by naming a new district after them in the borough they called home.

"The Wu-Tang Clan turned their experiences growing up here into something that now resonates with people all over the world, with young people who live in urban settings, young people whose neighborhoods are underserved, young people who face economic and social challenges," Rose continued in another tweet.

Members of Wu-Tang were there on Saturday to help celebrate the naming of Staten Island's new Wu-Tang District in the borough's Park Hill neighborhood.

"It's like a dream right now," Ghostface Killah said at the event. "25 years later, to come back and have a district, a block named after your crew—it's unbelievable."

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And they might not have seen this day come if it hadn't been for their old muse Mary Jane. The Wu-Tang Clan have long been regarded as cannabis icons. From Raekwon saying the group's early records were fulled by weed and pizza, to Method Man's leading role in the stoner comedy classic 'How High', Wu-Tang undeniably helped shape the cannabis culture of the mid-90s and beyond. Even if they're not smoking like they used to, the Wu-Tang helped prove that cannabis consumers can lead highly productive lives. No doubt people will be fighting for the right to open the first recreational cannabis dispensary in the Wu-Tang District once New York finalizes legalization.

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