Wu-Tang And White Castle Join Forces To Teach You About...Veganism?

America's first fast-food chain has built an impressive marketing campaign around their new vegan options.

White Castle, the fast-food chain best known for their slider-style hamburgers, recently announced they would be launching a new vegan option in partnership with the California-based Impossible Foods. Impossible Foods have made quite a name for themselves in recent months for developing a very well received 'bleeding' plant-based burger.

To help spread the word about White Castle's new vegan 'Impossible Slider', the Kansas-based burger chain has enlisted the help of one of hip-hop's most notable vegans, RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan. RZA started his own journey to veganism more than 25 years ago and has since become a big proponent of the movement.

"I stopped eating pork in the '70s and then beef in '89–'90 when I heard a record called 'Beef' from KRS-One. It explained a lot of things about animals in cages being distressed and eating meat from animals under the same distress," the rapper told the crowd who had attended an Impossible Foods event in Detroit last week.

The marketing campaign sees RZA narrate a sci-fi inspired video urging viewers to call 1-833-4-SLIDER "if you need answers". Calling the line gets you another prerecorded message from RZA saying, "All will be revealed, Wu-Tang in space; eating Impossible Sliders - October 1st."

And RZA isn't the only famous vegan on the line for this new campaign. Kal Penn, who portrayed Kumar in the stoner comedy classic 'Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle' can be seen on Impossible's Instagram account giving the hotline a call.

In fact, Penn revealed that they had to switch out his burgers with vegan appropriate ones during the filming of 'Harold & Kumar', and says he's very excited to see an official vegan offering on the restaurant's menu.

"The person in charge of props went out of her way to make little mini veggie burgers for me," Penn told Business Insider. "Who would have thought that 14 years later we could be using Impossible Sliders?"

If co-signs from these two marijuana-culture icons aren't enough to get you on board with the Impossible Slider, we're not sure what would be.


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