You'll Be Surprised To Learn It's Not Millennials Who Use Social Media The Most

It turns out all that hand-wringing over millennials spending too much time on social media has been misdirected.

A new report from Nielsen reveals that middle-aged Americans spend more time browsing Facebook and other social networking platforms than millennials do.  

Generation Xers – or people between the ages of 35 and 49 – spend almost seven hours per week on social media, according to the study. By comparison, millennials – or those aged 18 to 34 – spend a little more than six hours per week. People over 50 were found to spend about four hours per week on social media.

The study also found that Gen X members spend roughly 32 hours a week consuming all kinds of media, while millennials spend about 27 hours. For those over 50, it’s about 20 hours.

The study was conducted in the third quarter of 2016 and accounted for 9,000 smartphone and 1,300 tablet users across America. Nielsen measured media activity passively to eliminate self-reporting bias.

Now quit chastising your kids and let them chase that Charmander in peace.

h/t Fortune.


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