The 5 Worst Stoner Performances in Movie History

Since marijuana first appeared in movies, Hollywood has had a confusing relationship with the plant. The drug has been depicted as both a fun pastime and a poisonous tool that ruins lives, so films have portrayed a number of different types of stoner characters. Many of these stoner characters are portrayed by some of the greatest actors from the likes of Kevin Spacey, James Franco, Brad Pitt, and Denzel Washington. Even though many of these stoner characters are played by these award winning actors, several of their performances are some of the worst depictions of marijuana consumers in movie history.

Timothy Busfield, most known for his role of Poindexter in “Revenge of the Nerds”, is one of these actors with the worst stoner performances in movie history. When the audience first meets Poindexter, he’s shy and awkward, but he slowly becomes more outgoing and open as the movie progresses. This is partly due to the fact that in the middle of the film Poindexter smokes marijuana for the very first time in his life, which he reacts to in an unusual way. Immediately after taking just one hit, Poindexter laughs uncontrollably and also somehow can’t control his dancing, which is not at all a side effect of smoking.


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