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Here's The Worst Movie That Could Ever Be Made

We all have our personal picks for worst movie ever - "Batman and Robin" (1997), "Gigli" (2003) and "Movie 43" (2013) are a few of my contenders for the title of worst film ever. But what would it take to make the definitive awful movie - something so tasteless and cringeworthy that nothing could contest its claim as the most loathsome feature in cinema history?

Thanks to Vox, we now have statistics to determine what would be the worst thing ever to grace a movie screen. Zachary Crockett of Vox published a list of the worst actors and actresses based on scores from the film-review aggregate site Metacritic.

Crockett also applied three criteria to make sure the list featured prominent thespians who are currently starring in mainstream Hollywood movies: candidates had to have appeared in at least 10 movies, they had to have made a film appearance in the last five years, and at least one of those movies had to gross at least $30-million at the box office.

Based on Vox's findings, it looks like the worst movie that could ever be made would be "I Know Who You Did Last Summer, Deuce Bigalow," a mash-up sequel to Rob Schneider's and Jennifer Love Hewitt's worst franchises.

The slapstick coming-of-age slasher would feature retired gigalo Deuce Bigalow (Schneider) continuing his detective work by teaming up with love-interest Julie James (Hewitt) to solve the grisly murders of Bigalow's hook-ups from the previous summer. Along the way, they try to protect Bigalow's surviving flings: Jessica Alba - reprising her role of Jane Bullard from "The Love Guru" (2008) - and Adam Sandler in an encore performance of his detested character Jill Sadelstein from "Jack and Jill" (2011).

Can you top that? Check out the full list of worst actors and actresses from Vox and tell us what you think would be the definitive worst movie ever made.

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