5 Donald Trump Impersonations That Are Worse Than Alec Baldwin's

Saturday Night Live has received lots of negative feedback over the years. But few critics have come from as high a position as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who called for the show's cancellation last week after another it aired the latest segment featuring Alec Baldwin's impersonation of Trump.

Despite hosting the show last year, The Donald wants NBC to pull the plug.

But things could be worse. There are a lot of awful Trump impersonations out there. Here are five in particular that caught our attention. Here's a small sampling, beginning with Baldwin's.

1. Taran Killam

We can't leave off the guy who did Donald on SNL before Baldwin took it over. Killam executes Trump's mannerisms perfectly, from his pout, to his smile, to his hand gestures. But the voice is a bit over the top sometimes, sounding more like Regis Philbin in an orange wig than The Donald. Still, Killam is arguably the best on this list. 

2. Rob Lowe

The former Brat Pack member's spoof of Trump is a bit undercooked. In fact, it was so rough when he did it on The Late Show that host Stephen Colbert actually gave him pointers on how to improve his gestures. As or the voice, well, that might be a lost cause. Lowe sounds more like a chain-smoking lounge entertainer than The Donald. 

3. Jon Stewart

In fairness to the former Daily Show host, his impersonation was supposed to be bad. A deconstruction of Trump spoofs, you might say. The wig was oversized. His voice sounded more like a New York cabbie than The Donald. And Stewart smeared Cheetos flavoring on his face to get Trump's orange complexion. It was meant to be bad and it succeeded.  

4. Hillary Clinton

If the former secretary of state's White House bid doesn't work out, we hope she has a backup plan that doesn't involve acting. Based on the Trump impersonation that she did for Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, she's much better at foreign policy than domestic caricatures. But kudos to her for cutting loose and doing something fun for the audience. 

5. The Dalai Lama

His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a model and modesty, self-control and dignity. So it's no wonder that he struggled to impersonate his polar opposite: an arrogant American billionaire. But he rocked his Trump impersonation for Piers Morgan anyway - even though he sounded more like a ravenous goldfish than The Donald.


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