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Bounce Around The World's Largest Trampoline Arena, Then Have A Beer At The Onsite Sports Bar

Why run from your problems when you can bounce with abandon in every direction to avoid facing them?

As of this week, there’s officially no better place in the world to do that than Scotland.

Flip Out Glasgow is the world’s largest trampoline arena. Having officially opened its doors on April 11, the unconventional establishment in Rutherglen (about a 10-minute drive from Glasgow) is the perfect getaway for the grown-ass adult desperate for some childlike wonder in this increasingly chaotic world.

The world's biggest trampoline arena is opening in Scotland tomorrow

While the 63,000 square-foot arena features the expected trampoline floors and pits of foam, it’s also home to the country’s first-ever Ninja Warrior obstacle course.

The arena also offers a parkour space, an area for jumpers under the age of seven, a range of classes emphasizing both fitness and fun, and even a sports bar (although, for the sake of both you and your fellow bouncers, it’s probably best to save the heavy drinking for after your trampoline romp.)

“Flip Out is all about fun obviously but the health benefits are a welcome side effect,” Flip Out Glasgow general manager George Gallacher told Daily Record.

“Just an hour of bouncing [burns] up to 800 calories - the same amount as you’d burn in a spin class.”

We’d venture that a trampoline arena is also a lot more fun than a spin class – not to mention it has a way better chance of helping you forget how much the world sucks right now (at least for the duration of a few double bounces.)  

h/t Travel and Leisure, Daily Record


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