Get Discounted Cannabis At The 'World's First Cannabis Outlet Store' In Colorado

There are outlet stores for pretty much everything else – why not cannabis?

This was the question recently asked by The Green Solution (TGS), a Colorado-based and family-owned cannabis company offering 12 retail locations across the state.

In a matter of days, TGS officials will open what they deem the “world’s first cannabis outlet store”, where they’ll offer the same products they grow and manufacture themselves but at significantly lower prices.

VP of marketing Eva Safar told Civilized the company is converting its Silver Plume dispensary into an outlet store in the interest of making its products “accessible and affordable.”

That means bargain-hunting Denverites will soon be able to do all their discounted shopping in one trip, as the new store is a mere stone’s throw away from the region’s popular Silverthorne outlet mall.

“We’ve kind of cultivated a culture of firsts here at TGS,” said Safar, explaining the company’s decision to open a cannabis outlet store.

“We were the first retail dispensary to open and make a retail sale the day it became legal in Colorado, we were the first online retailer of cannabis, and we’ve won tons of first-place awards. It just made sense for us to do another one of those firsts.”

All TGS products sold at the new store will be discounted, including 35 percent off flower, 35 percent off cartridges and concentrates, 25 percent off pre-rolls and up to 65 percent off edibles and drinks. Safar stresses that this doesn’t mean these products are “substandard by any means.”

“Making cannabis accessible safely and at an affordable price has [always] been part of our mission,” she said.

“We want to make sure there’s a place for you to go to instead of waiting for our coupons that give you 20 percent off [at our other locations]. At our outlet store, you can always go and get 20, 30, even up to 75 percent off.”

The move falls in line with TGS’s continued efforts to de-stigmatize the cannabis plant, said Safar.

“A big part of our vision statement is taking out the stigma that’s around cannabis,” she said. “This is a strategic initiative for us.”

The outlet store is on track to be fully converted by July 15. However, it is fully operational as a normal retail outlet until then.


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