World Health Day Sheds Light On Depression

Every year, the world honors World Health Day on April 7th to celebrate the founding of the World Health Organization in 1948. A theme is chosen each year to highlight a different global health concern. Past themes have included diabetes, food safety, ageing and health and this year’s theme is depression. The World Health Organization is leading a one-year campaign, hoping more people around the world with depression seek and get help. The number of people living with depression has significantly increased, with over 300 million people living with it today. Many people don’t seek help for depression however, because of fear of stigma.


A new study shows that people suffering from anxiety may be able to successfully transition off of traditional medications to medical marijuana. Nearly half of participants in a recent study successfully stopped using benzodiazepines after beginning medical marijuana treatment. The study participants were made up of 146 anxiety patients.

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