If You Use Any of These 40 Phrases at Work, Your Co-Workers Probably Hate You

Everyone knows someone at their workplace who uses tired clichés over and over. Maybe they're telling you they're giving it "110 percent" or that they need to "think outside the box." But if those phrases sound like things you would say, then be warned: your co-workers probably hate you.

Jive Communications conducted a poll of 2,000 Americans to determine what phrases used in the workplace most annoy people. These are phrases that most of us have definitely heard before, and honestly have probably used before. Here's a list of the top 40 most annoying phrases.

1. Give 110 percent

2. Think outside the box

3. Hammer it out

4. Heavy lifting

5. Throw them under the bus

6. Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched

7. Pushing the envelope

8. Let the cat out of the bag

9. Let’s circle back

10. Win-win situation

11. Blue-sky thinking

12. Boil the ocean

13. Synergy

14. Low-hanging fruit

15. Take it to the next level

16. Barking up the wrong tree

17. Going forward

18. Let’s ballpark this

19. Run this up the flagpole

20. Back to square one

21. There’s no I in team

22. Back to the drawing board

23. Paradigm shift

24. Elephant in the room

25. Raise the bar

26. Drill down

27. Best thing since sliced bread

28. Deep dive

29. Skin in the game

30. Reach out

31. Touch base

32. Play hardball

33. Don’t reinvent the wheel

34. Kept in the loop

35. The bottom line

36. Down the road

37. I’ll loop you in

38. Hit the nail on the head

39. ASAP

40. Team player

Don't worry if you've sprinkled these into conversation through the years, these are all pretty common phrases so it's natural. Just try to be more aware going forward so you're not the topic of office mockery.

Also, don't start using these phrases ironically to be funny. That's even more annoying than using them normally.

(h/t Washington Post)


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