Woody Harrelson's Poker Losses Paid For A New Wing On Willie Nelson's House

If you're a cardsharp hoping to do some home renos this summer, you might want to invite Woody Harrelson over for a few hands. The 'Solo: A Star Wars Movie' star says that his poker losses paid for an expensive expansion on Willie Nelson's home in Maui. 

"I built a wing on Willie's house," Harrelson confessed yesterday on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.' But he wouldn't admit exactly how much money he's lost in a single night. "You don't really want to know that," said the flustered star.

But he did reveal that the 'Red-Headed Stranger' turns into quite a hustler in the wee hours of the poker nights co-hosted by Harrelson, Owen Wilson and former NBA coach Don Nelson. As the midnight oil burns, Nelson likes to ramp up the betting limits with his celebrity friends.

"The thing is, as you work into the evening, WIllie starts opening up the 'parameters' a bit more," Harrelson told Kimmel. "And then you're in more hot water when you get home."

Check out the full interview in the clips below, where Harrelson also reflects on his reasons for pausing his plans to become a Presbyterian priest when he was an undergrad. "I said let's just put this whole idea on hold so I can have a 20s and 30s of extreme hedonism," Harrelson said.



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