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6 Ways Cannabis Is Different For Women

Smoking marijuana has, historically, been a boy's club: in 2012, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found men were 50 percent more likely than women to have smoked up in the last month.

But the times are a-changing as more ladies open up about their love of weed. Here are 6 ways their experiences differ from those of their male counterparts.

1. Fewer women are 'social users'

Men tend to smoke marijuana because it's a social activity. Women, on the other hand, more often report cannabis helps them cope with anxiety and relationship issues. This could be one of the reasons they find it harder to quit - although men still are twice as likely to become dependent in the first place. Women are also more likely to double-down with cannabis and prescription drugs.

2. Motherhood

Newsflash: many women spend at least some of their adult lives pregnant, breastfeeding, or being a primary caregiver for kids. Naturally, this effects their recreational habits: they're more likely to take lengthy breaks from cannabis use. Regardless, a significant population of moms, especially of young kids, say they smoke more often, and that it makes them better parents.

3. More intense highs (& greater tolerance)

According to this study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, THC is stored in fatty tissue. Women have more of that than men - a typical ratio of 27 percent fat in women versus 15 percent in men. While more research is needed, the physical differences between men and women might be related to the fact that women build tolerance to THC more quickly. A greater body fat percentage = greater amount of THC stored in the body.

4. Less frequent munchies

According to research reported in LA Opinion, women don't get the munchies as often as their male counterparts. The physiological reason for this isn't yet understood (though the pressure on North American women to be thin, and negative attitudes toward women who binge eat for any reason, could be a clue.)

5. More haters

Many women worry that enjoying a puff somehow reflects poorly upon them. As puts it, "For decades, marijuana culture has been produced by, and catered to young men. Scantily clad women are commonly used as a marketing tactic which, in turn, sends the message that the only place for a woman in marijuana culture is for the viewing pleasure of heterosexual men...unfortunately, the act of consuming cannabis is not seen as [traditionally female-coded] responsible or nurturing behavior." As a result, women, especially moms, keep their use under wraps.

6. Room for growth

Open use is rapidly becoming more socially acceptable for women: look only as far as the cannabis-loving gal pals on Broad City or the proliferation of jewelry-like vapes. Heck, it's 2015 - if Martha Stewart can brag about her joint-rolling skills, maybe we can all start to exhale a sigh of relief.

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