Study Shows That Women Who Smoke Marijuana Are Smarter Than Women Who Don't

People like to think that marijuana makes them smarter. They think it improves their creativity and deep-thinking abilities. And while that's probably not true, science now says women who smoke marijuana actually are smarter.

A group of scientists conducted a study of 800 women who smoke marijuana and compared their data to women in the general public. They found that women who consume cannabis had greater IQs than women who did not, and specifically women with IQs 50 percent greater than the average were significantly more likely to use marijuana.

The scientists couldn't explain why women with greater IQs were more likely to be marijuana users, although they did offer some hypotheses. One theory suggested that women with larger IQs were more likely test new types of stimulation, one of which being using marijuana. Another suggested that smarter women are more easily bored with the status quo and seek out alternative forms of inspiration. 

A theory that the scientists didn't mention but seems possible would involve studies like this one. It's possible women with larger IQs are more likely to read about marijuana research and the many benefits of the drug. It's less likely they'll see it as a "gateway drug" and more as a substance that could improve aspects of their lives.

Also it should be noted that IQ tests aren't 100 percent proof of intelligence or smarts. But there also aren't many other measurements of intelligence as well, so we're sort of stuck with it.


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