Women Still Rule The Cannabis World

A new chart released by the Marijuana Business Daily shows women continue to dominate the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry - at least in most sectors.

According to columnist Becky Olson, 63 percent of cannabis testing-lab CEOs, founders, and presidents were women - and women held nearly 50 percent of high-level positions at infused products/processing companies.

While women were well-represented in testing and processing, cannabis investors and firms are still largely men - 36% of those surveyed reported no women in executive roles. Overall, however, the numbers illustrate the established trend of gender balance in the cannabis industry.

It's a good thing. Diverse, inclusive workplaces attract and retain top talent, which cannabis entrepreneurs need to set themselves apart. And who doesn't want that?

Here's the chart: you can read Olson's full analysis here.


h/t Marijuana Business Daily


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