Wiz Khalifa's Munchies Of Choice Might Surprise You (And So Will His Favourite Smoking Buddy)

Stoners are infamous for scarfing Funyuns, Doritos and other greasy snacks when they get the munchies. But that's not the case with Wiz Khalifa. The Grammy-nominated rapper and cannabis entrepreneur - who turns 29 today - likes to eat healthy while having a puff. When Simon Mohos of AND POP asked the rapper what he liked to eat while high, Khalifa surprised him with a very un-stereotypical answer.

"Fruit," Khalifa said during the 2014 interview in Toronto. "Apples, bananas, grapes, strawberries."

But he's picky about what goes in his munchies fruit basket. When Mohos asked if he liked mangoes, Khalifa shot down his suggestion flat. "Too mushy," he said. "Mango juice is fire though."

Given his preference for natural sweets, it shouldn't surprise you that his favorite drink during a session is a strawberry banana smoothie. 

Khalifa also revealed that his favorite person to smoke with is his mom. "She's crazy," he said with a laugh. Khalifa and Mohos also laughed over marijuana nomenclature. When asked what strain name made him laugh the most, Khalifa said "Alaskan Thunderfuck."

But his strain of choice, of course, is his own brand: Khalifa Kush. If you're in a legal state, roll it up and check out the full AND POP interview with Wiz, who opens up about his music and cannabis. The best part is when he discusses how he wrote Mezmorized from the Kush & Orange Juice mixtape, which he says is the perfect soundtrack for a wake-and-bake.  

Banner image: Flickr.com / Kmeron


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