Wiz Khalifa Reveals The Results Of The 'Smoke Olympics' Versus Snoop Dogg

Whenever rappers Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa tour together, they put their weed game to the test by holding a 'Smoke Olympics.' And while the competition is close in a lot of areas, there's one aspect of having a sesh where Snoop leaves Wiz in the dust.

"He rolls faster than me," Khalifa said last month on a webisode of 'Hot Ones.' "He definitely rolls faster and more efficient. There's been times when I thought I was gonna roll the best joint in the world, and he'll be just quiet for two seconds and be like, 'Here, nephew.' And I'll be like, 'Damn!' His shit just be perfect right away. His experience in the game is perfect every time."

But when it comes to having a puff, Khalifa insists that he can out-smoke Snoop any day.

"I got the gold medal just on lungs," he said. "I smoke joints, I do bongs, I do dabs and all that. He'll do that to hang with me...but he don't do all that on the regular."

Khalifa also revealed his favorite places in his native Pittsburgh, and dished on that time he tried (and failed) to smoke up with Jay Z. Check out the full webisode below.


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