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DIY Bath Soaks, Tarot, and Weed: Women Embrace Ultimate Girl Time at Tokeativity's "Glitter & Gold"

In an era when everyone is glued to their phones — clicking, liking, rarely looking up — sharing cannabis is a simple way to connect in real life. It encourages you to pop your screen into your pocket, ease your tech neck, breathe, and savor the present moment.

So, on a sunny afternoon in December, I was really looking forward to unplugging from virtual social networks, getting high, and instead plugging into a real network at Glitter & Gold, an all women's affair, hosted by Tokeatvity. As I hopped out of my Lyft at a private home near Los Angeles’ Miracle Mile, I could hear music and laughter drifting down the driveway, along with the sweet smell of good herb. I ambled into a courtyard strung with twinkly lights, where women decked out in sequins and all kinds of glam were chatting, snacking, puffing and passing vapes and joints.

The festive assembly was the first foray into Los Angeles for Tokeativity, a cannabis community that aims to nurture a safe space for women to connect, learn and create. Co-founded by Lisa Snyder and Samantha Montanaro in Portland, Oregon in 2016, Tokeativity hosts events in several states, and just opened its first international chapter in South Africa. The group’s mission statement champions female empowerment and the normalization of cannabis.

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In order to help end the stigma around cannabis use, Snyder and Montanaro teamed up to bridge the gap between the emerging legal industry and female consumers. The dynamic duo share a love for event planning, female camaraderie, and weed — and their gatherings reflect it. Tokeativity hosts a variety of themed events including workshops, networking, Q&As, panels, films, and socials like Glitter & Gold. And no matter where they live, women can tune into the female cannabis community through the recently launched online social network Tokeativity Connect.

For the Glitter & Gold social, guests were given a dress code: Dress to impress yourself. Be comfortable, feel amazing, and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks! If only we could all leave home with that in mind every day, I mused, as I donned a pantsuit with plenty of stash pockets, comfy boots, and a beloved jean jacket for the cool evening temps.

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At check-in, a woman named Shiloh greeted me with a smile and handed me a swag bag brimming with goodies from woman-owned businesses including Tonic CBD, The Healing Rose and Made from Dirt, plus a pretty glass piece from the Daily High Club. From there — naturally — I went straight for the snacks. Chefs Wendy Zeng and Shruti Patel provided delicious vegetarian fare including garlic soba noodles with shimeji mushrooms, and chat masala potato salad with black chickpeas and chutney. After munching on savories, I selected a sweet from Lizzy Tish Cookies, poured myself a cup of tea with Potli CBD honey, and I was ready to mingle.

Daily High Club v2

Following a glorious aroma, I ended up at a table in the center of the courtyard, where you could blend Epsom salts, essential oils, and Tonic CBD oil to create your own DIY bath soak. Tokeativity socials bring women together by combining fun activities and cannabis, and it works — while I spooned salt and lavender into a sack (with just a dash of bergamot oil), I hit my vape, and made new friends.

I chatted with Tokeativity co-founder Samantha about her passion for cannabis and connecting women with other women, and swapped stories (and Instagram handles) with industry insiders and newcomers alike. One woman confided that she has been experiencing a whole new lease on life since her son left for college: She was at the social to enjoy herself, but also to make business connections, since she’s joining the cannabis industry as an entrepreneur. I conversed with a fellow writer, caught up with a cannabis matchmaker, and met several other marijuana mavens, all there to relax in the company of good women with good weed.

Tokeativity Craft

In one corner of the garden, a hazy group of gals lounged on pillows surrounded by candles. Inside the house, tarot card readings were on offer, and in a quiet room just beyond that, you could receive a reiki treatment. The vibe of the evening was super mellow, and everything smelled deliciously herbaceous — including the topicals station that offered samples of fragrant balms by Made from Dirt.

As the event wound down and I bid goodbye to newfound pals, I reflected on the power of women, connecting with women, to help forward the mission of legal marijuana. Now that the stigma of cannabis use is easing, and people are beginning to understand the benefits of the plant, women are at the forefront of the movement for safe access to cannabis. Tokeativity is growing along with the cannabis movement as a whole, with chapters currently in Portland, Bend, Eugene, Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle and South Africa. The group is strengthening the female global cannabis community, supporting each other while having a wonderful time…and smelling great.

Check out for more information on community events and online connections.

Photos by Kyla Fenning


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