Newly Elected Wisconsin Governor Will Include Medical Marijuana Legalization in 2019 Budget

When Tony Evers defeated Scott Walker in the Wisconsin Governor's race in November, many were excited for the state to take a more progressive direction. And it appears that marijuana will be included in the new direction.

Newly elected Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers said he will include medical marijuana legalization in his first budget for 2019. However, it's not quite clear if Evers will propose legalizing medical marijuana entirely in the budget. He described the proposal as a "first step" towards medical marijuana, and didn't really provide any specifics about what his plan is.

However, Evers did reaffirm that he supports marijuana legalization. In the past, he's said he supports a statewide vote on whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana. And he said that if a recreational marijuana bill were to reach his desk, he would sign it. He also noted that it's better for Wisconsin to get started on this, because it's only a matter of "when" not "if" marijuana will become legal.

The question is whether Evers' marijuana proposals will be able to pass. Republicans still control the Wisconsin state legislature, and they don't seem inclined to legalize marijuana. Leaders in the state Republican party say there isn't support for legalization in their ranks, and others said they do not want to violate federal law.

A poll conducted in August found that 61 percent of Wisconsinites support regulating marijuana like alcohol, and only 39 percent opposed it. So while the state's Republicans may not support the issue, the people voting for them do.

(h/t Wisconsin State Journal)


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