Willie Nelson is set to release 'My Way' - his long anticipated tribute to Frank Sinatra, which includes covers of standards like 'Summer Wind,' 'Fly Me to the Moon' and, of course, the title song. But this isn't the first collaboration between the Red-Headed Stranger and Ol' Blue Eyes. Back in the 80s, the country legend and the crooner actually teamed up for a series of PSAs for the space program.

And they are delightfully awkward.

In the first segment, Sinatra and Nelson try to sort out their fashion differences. "Willie, it's obvious that we don't share the same tailor," a tuxedoed Sinatra tells a bandana-clad Nelson. "But we do feel the same way about space technology, don't we?"

If only the Cold War could've been solved so easily.

Watch the PSAs below. And check out Willie's new album on Sept. 14.

h/t Rolling Stone

Banner Image: Jason Davis / Gottlieb