Wanna Work With Willie? Here's Your Chance

If you a) really, really love cannabis and b) have sufficient expertise to make it your full-time gig and c) love Willie Nelson, this could be your big break.

The country music superstar and long-time legalization proponent launched his cannabis brand Willie's Reserve last year, and is now looking to expand his team. The company has posted a slew of job ads ranging from a production manager, a compliance officer, to a bookkeeper and sales director.

In 2015, Nelson's spokesman Michael Bowman compared the brand's vibe to that of Whole Foods - with social justice and ethical sourcing at the front and center of the business model - calling it "a culmination of [Nelson's] vision, and his whole life."

Bowman also announced Willie's Reserve's plans to expand state-to-state depending on the expansion of marijuana legalization. Willie's Reserve is anticipated to hit legal distributors sometime this year, with retail locations to follow in various markets.

While most of the gigs currently on offer appear to be administrative in nature, there's at least one position that involves actually touching the plant: one ad is for an experienced extractor who, according to the posting, would ideally have 2-plus years of experience in the industry, a strong knowledge of both cannabis and chemistry, and be able to oversee and operate all aspects of extraction process from prepping the product, to harvesting and post-processing.

For more information about how you can work with Willie, click here.

banner image: Flickr / Jared eberhardt


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