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Why Willie Nelson Once Slipped A Joint To Ethan Hawke Backstage

Some say there are no second chances in life, but Ethan Hawke is living proof that it's not true. Years ago, the 'Blaze' director took his dad to a Willie Nelson concert, and while they had a great time, Hawke says they both left with one deep regret after an unexpected meeting with the country legend. 

"I got invited back on the bus," Hawke told Jimmy Fallon recently. "My dad was very sweet. He told Willie how much his music had meant to him. Willie was very sweet back, and he offered us a hit off his joint."

That's a dream come true for any hardcore fan. After all, Willie Nelson is one of the biggest cannabis icons alive today. Sharing a joint with him is like earning a badge of honor in cannabis culture. The sort of experience you can retell again and again at a sesh to make your friends jealous. So those fans probably despise Ethan and his dad for what they did next.

"My dad and I both looked at each other like, 'Are you gonna do this?' And we both said, 'No thank you, Mr. Nelson'."

And they'd both live to regret that decision immediately after stepping off the bus.

"We walked out, and my dad said...'You know, maybe we should've taken a hit of that joint.' I said, 'I know. I didn't want to do it cuz of you.' And he said, 'I didn't want to do it cuz I wanted to be a good father.' Missed opportunity."

But Hawke and his dad would get a second chance to sample Willie's stash. 

"A few years after that, I'm doing a play with an actor who knows Willie. And Willie's coming to the show. And I told her the story of this missed opportunity. And Willie comes backstage, meets me, slips a joint in my hand and says, 'Say hi to your dad.'"

Mark Wahlberg couldn't have said it better himself. Check out the full interview in the clip above.


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