William Shatner Boldly Goes Where No Talk Show Host Has Gone Before

Ever wonder what William Shatner - who turns 85 today - thinks about marijuana? "Oh, I love marijuana," he said on his Ora.TV show Brown Bag Wine Tasting, in which he does blind taste tests with celebrities by sampling bottles wrapped in brown bags.

But on one episode, the Star Trek star chatted about marijuana with a dealer named Dominic.

"Marijuana is a great thing," Shatner said, noting he hadn't smoked it for years but thought it was a "great herb." So would he try it again if he were visiting a legal state? "If I had a couple days and it was legal...why not?" He could even pick up the Star Trek inspired strain Romulan.

The two also discussed legalization, the marijuana business and cannabis slang - with Dominic chuckling at Shatner for saying "weed" and "grass" like his grandfather.


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