Willem Dafoe Recounts Fighting With Nicholas Cage Over Vampires

Sometimes, as an actor, you have to stand up for the integrity of your character. Even if that character is a buck-toothed vampire. 

In a career retrospective for GQ, actor Willem Dafoe recounted his experience  on a number of films, including 2000’s ‘Shadow of the Vampire,’ in which he played the vampire Nosferatu.

He said that at one point, actor Nicholas Cage, who served as a producer on the movie, came up with some last-minute suggestions for the character shortly before they began production.

“At the table reading, he has a lot of ideas,” remembers Dafoe. “He wanted the vampire to be a movie fan—but for me, I thought that ruined the whole idea.”

According to Dafoe, the two of them proceeded to have a “less than polite” argument over the notion of a cinephile vampire.

“I went back to the hotel thinking, ‘I’m going to get fired,’” he said. “I had a pretty serious argument with him about this idea.”

In the end, Dafoe said that things worked themselves out after Cage “went away,” and they were able to proceed as usual.

The 63-year-old actor also talked about being “stranded” in the jungle while filming his Oscar-nominated role in ‘Platoon,’ and invading the red carpet at Cannes with Mr. Bean in the full interview below:


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