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Why You're Still Single, According To Science

Finding the right person to marry might seem like dumb luck. But there might be a scientific explanation for why some people couple up while others don't. And if you're sick of being single, then you can probably blame your hapless love life on your parents for a couple reasons.

First, there's the way you were raised. Parenting plays a huge role in developing a person's 'attachment style,' meaning the "ways we interact in our relationships." If you were consistently cared for and your emotional support was strong while growing up, then you'll likely find it easy to develop trust and feel confident in your relationships. But if your parents were overprotective or inattentive, then you might have developed a tendency to avoid intimacy or an anxiety toward relationships because of a deep-rooted fear of rejection.

But singleness could be a product of nature as well as nurturing. It turns out, there's a specific genotype that could determine the likelihood that you'll stay single for the majority of your life. To find out more about this gene and the role it plays on your serotonin levels in your brain, check out this explainer from ASAP Science.


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