Why There are So Many 'Bad' Jobs Available

50 years ago, the idea of the "American worker" was probably someone who was employed in manufacturing. Today, the "American work" is someone who's employed in retail. Unfortunately, many of these jobs are low-paying and include very little benefits. And yet, they're also very abundant and easy for people to get. So how did we get here?

The folks over at Vox released a video explaining why there are so many "bad" jobs available in the United States and why it's so hard for people to find "good" ones. There are a number of explanations ranging from the weakening of unions, a trend of pushing people with some education into lower skill jobs to compete with people with very little education and other economic factors.

It's definitely an informative video for this time of year, when stores are hiring tons of people to get through the holiday season, many of whom will be let go as soon as the new year begins.


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