Every Marvel Comics fan knows that mild-mannered scientist Bruce Banner became the Incredible Hulk after being exposed to gamma radiation during a nuclear weapons test.

But how exactly was he exposed? Conventional wisdom says he was blasted by the radiation directly. But Samuel L. Jackson (a.k.a. Nick Fury) has a different theory: Banner ate a brownie baked with gamma-radiated ganja. Apparently, someone brought a bag of iridescent green cannabis to the lab on that fateful day, and the disastrous gamma test turned the bud into a unique hybrid strain that gave the green goliath his superpowers.

Jackson turns 67 today, a good excuse to unearth this 2012 interview, in which Jackson gives his full interpretation (and unofficial endorsement of the jade giant's strain). The segment is from an interview promoting The Avengers, which Jackson kept veering into a cannabis conversation, making the reporter both laugh and fear for his career.