Why Roller Coaster Loops Aren't Circular

Ever wonder why roller coaster loops are more vertical than horizontal? Probably not, but for some reason it's a fascinating question once you know it's a question at all. Using cardboard cutouts and a marble track, our friends over at 5MMM explain exactly what happens when you go upside down on your favorite theme park roller coaster. Sure you'll probably never use this knowledge in real life but there's always Roller Coaster Tycoon...


I've been covering cannabis for nearly five years, and by now I'm all too accustomed to the impersonal cannabis conference at a stuffy, generic hotel or expo hall, brimming with white guys in suits, and generally lacking in the spirit of well, cannabis. (The woes of legalization, I suppose.) So it was a breath of fresh air when I walked into what felt like a giant atrium in downtown LA for a new kind of cannabis conference. Located in what's called the Valentine Grass Room in an industrial area past the hustle and bustle of the DTLA skyscrapers, Microscopes & Machines (M&M) boasted a diverse array of speakers, from doctors and lawyers to chemists and cultivators on the frontlines of the cannabis industry.

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