Why Offset Named His Child With Cardi B After a Migos Album

Babies are cool and all, but can they also be effective marketing tools? 

Trap rap artist and Migos member Offset recently sat down with GQ for a new installment in their “Actually Me” video series, in which celebrities answer questions and correct falsehoods about them on the internet.

The first questions to come up was one that’s been on the minds of gossip-chasers ever since the rapper announced that he would be fathering a child with his wife and fellow hip-hop superstar Cardi B - why on earth would they name their child, Kulture, after Migos’ latest album, ‘Culture'? Was it some kind of strange, promotional tie-in?

“Yeah and no,” the rapper admits. “Our baby was for the culture. She’s a beautiful blessing to the world.”

He said that while “of course it came from the album,” it also had to do with the fact that his first name is Kiari, and that the names of the baby’s three half-siblings all begin with ‘K.’ He also revealed that, yes, it was him, not Cardi, that came up with the name.

While some might find it odd to name a child in honor of your own album, it works both ways. Earlier this week, Offset dropped his debut solo album ‘Father of 4,’ named in celebration of his four children.

To see Offset discuss this, where the “dab” dance move comes from and the reason he always likes to keep $10,000 in cash on his person, watch the full video below.


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