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Why Many Men Actually Hate What Goes Down At Bachelor Parties

Ever found yourself on the receiving end of an unsolicited lap dance while downing your eighth Jägerbomb at a buddy’s bachelor party and feeling nothing but miserable?

A new study suggests you’re not alone.

Daniel Briggs from Madrid University and Anthony Ellis from Salford University studied a number of bachelor parties in eastern Europe, on a Spanish island and in a northern England city. What they found was that many men - contrary to popular opinion - actually don't enjoy the “extreme shaming, humiliating and deviance” that come with modern bachelor parties.

According to the report, men bow to peer pressure when celebrating a pal’s upcoming nuptials, despite the fact that the experience can leave them frightened and mortified.

One groom-to-be recorded in the study reported having no desire to see “half-naked dancing women, let alone pay them” after being dragged to a strip club by his best man. He played along, however, and spent an unpleasant evening “declining offers from various women for private dances, but did not reveal his desire to leave to the best man or the rest of the group.”

In a separate case, a man became separated from the group and spent hours trying to track them down, finally reaching the best man by phone and declaring: “I’m genuinely fucking scared mate. I do not know what has happened to me in the last few hours.”

It was later revealed that “another member of the group was robbed in the street and had his money stolen, three others fell asleep in a shop doorway and one fell over hitting his head on the floor, which left a deep gash on his face.”

Another incident involved a man being forced to drink countless spiked shots that left him so incapacitated he blacked out at the bar, soiled his pants and was then tied up with cling wrap in the hotel room while still unconscious.

The report, which was published in the journal Deviant Behaviour this month, states that “extreme shaming, humiliation, and deviance often plays in the stag party experience for all those involved, not just the stag.” The researchers therefore concluded that men at bachelor parties are “performing” a role in an attempt to fit in rather than taking any real pleasure in the debauchery.

“We argue that these men are merely reproducing exaggerated forms of behaviour that are expected of them and that they expect of themselves in a pocket of available time to celebrate.”

h/t The Guardian


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