Why Live Resin Should Be Your Next Concentrate Buy

Live resin is the terpene-rich, flavor-packed cannabis concentrate that you should keep an eye out for next time you're at the dispensary.

It is distinguishable from other forms of cannabis extracts by its use of whole plants, as opposed to ones that have been cured.

Terpenes are fragrant oils that occur naturally in cannabis. These are the basis of the plant's signature aroma and taste. But, conventional ways of processing cannabis can lead to extreme reductions of terpene content.

When cannabis is cured, anywhere from 55–85 percent of the terpene content can be lost, significantly watering down the flavor. Most cannabis concentrates are not only made with cured cannabis, but also end up burning off much of the rest of the terpene content in the extraction process. Live resin avoids this drastic reduction in terpenes by freezing the plant right after harvest then processing it into a terpene-rich concentrate using chilled butane. 

As a result, live resin has a fuller flavor and smell. And it's also more medicinally potent according to studies that suggest terpenes may be responsible for much of cannabis's medicinal properties. Therefore, live resin can provide faster, more effective relief from symptoms such as nausea and migraines.

So if you have trouble keeping food down or dealing with chronic headaches, consider dabbing a bit of live resin.


Late last year, Michigan became the first midwestern state to legalize adult recreational cannabis use. Unfortunately, Michigan is still figuring out the rules for recreational cannabis sales, which means you can’t actually purchase any yet. While those rules are expected by June, a new report paints a rosy picture of the future of legal recreational cannabis in Michigan and the midwest.

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